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A Year 2007 Soup Party


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2007 Soup Party

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A Year 2006 Soup Party

Does soup count as a real meal? - Yes

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A Year 2005 Soup Party

Not coming anytime soon - - - -


ok, so i never got around to it, so sorry Andy and Cookie.

A Year 2001 Soup Party

We all made it through the year 2001. We gather yet again to enjoy soup and fellowship. Pictures from the evening can be seen by clicking below. The theme for this soup party was ..... "Bad Year, Good Soup"

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Theme "Bad Year, Good Soup", Date December 23, 2001

A Year 2000 Soup Party

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A Year 1999 Soup Party

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A Year 1998 Soup Party

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Well, we did it again. Our second soup party in cyberspace. We went a little overboard this time and ended up with 9 different soups. Along with this excess we had some sushi, egg salad, cream cheese and olive sandwiches, and to top it ALL off...... hot-dog salad sandwiches. (Let's not forget all the desserts that were carried over from Christmas Day!). The teenage play-toy this year was laser light pens that annoyed the adults to no end....... Party attendees were regaled with many tales told about life growing up in the SundEric household. All in all a good time was had by all!

Of course, the "mystery" of how the soup book disappeared and re-appeared under Dave Sunden's Christmas Tree has yet to be solved... (but Dave was being EXTREMELY clintonesque in his answers about how it got there...). Deb and I have patched things up over this incident.

Anyway, enjoy the photo shoot......


A Year 1998 Soup Party

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